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QlikSense - filter pane and default value

Hi All,

I have brought in an extension for a filter pane that is a drop down list. I have a few of these filter panes but would like to set a default value to them when a user opens the app. Is there a way to do this? I didn't find anything on the right hand side that would accommodate this. Thoughts?

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Try this extension:


You can set a default variables in the filter panes with this extension. Be aware that once you put a default value, you won't be able to cancel it, only change it another value from the list. So this limits the graphs to be always filtered.

Anyways, the extension is quite powerfull once the understand how to use it. 


You can create a bookmark with the default selection you and make that bookmark as the app default
Assuming you are in latest versions (post Sept 2018 i think has the feature)
see below

I know that is an option but I honestly feel like Qlik Sense should be able to handle such tasks and not have a work around like the one you mentioned. Right now, I've downloaded a package extension from vizlib and they have some really awesome extensions with a filter pane that allows me to select a default selection upon opening an app. The only real downside is having their logo in a gradient fashion which can be easily spotted. Also, if I were to share this app on Qlik Sense with an outside user, would they need the extensions that I am currently using?




Yes, if the external user don't have the extension, he won't be able to use it.