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QlikSense licencing

Hey everyone,

What are the differences between Qlik Sense and Qlikview licencing  ?

In Qlikview, currently, we have 5 named users and around 30 documents CALs.  What would be the equivalent with Qlik Sense ? How does the "token" works ?

Also, are the reloading features the same with QlikSense ?

Is there anything that I can do with Qlikview and not with Qlik Sense ?

Thanks for you replies

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Re: QlikSense licencing


According frequent Q&A ( Qlik Sense Support FAQ ) :

Can I use my existing QlikView 10/11 licenses for Qlik Sense?

No. Licenses must first be converted from QlikView to Qlik Sense. Please see the Conversion topic for converting licenses.

Question: How can I purchase a license to run Qlik Sense?

Please contact your Account Manager or reach out to your regional sales team. You can also contact our Qonciergeteam to get routed to the correct area.



Re: QlikSense licencing

Hello Laura,

You asked, "Is there anything that I can do with Qlikview and not with Qlik Sense?"

I encourage you to read the blog post below and it will hopefully answer your question.


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Re: QlikSense licencing

A token as I understand it can be used in 2ways either as a frequent user similar to a named user or as 10 in frequent users similar to usage cals in QLikVIew. You can mix and match according to your licensing needs Converting them from one use to another as needed so much more flexible.

Qlik SEnse uses the same under lying data model as Qlik VIew so your loads will port across easily the front end is where the change is and as such cannot be converted.

Sense is new and as such is missing functionality you might expEct from using QLik VIew but they are working on features in line with community dema and are making regular releases.


Re: QlikSense licencing

Hi Laura - in addition you may want to watch these short videos to learn more about the Qlik Sense license model which goes a bit deeper and will answer some of your additional questions.

Hope this is helpful to you.


Mike T


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