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QlikSense search box search characters limit

Hi Experts,

debugging qlik sense search box i notice that the maximum string lenght i can search is 255 characters.

Is possible to make it longer ?

I need to select/search hunderds of multiple values in one shot usign (Value1|Value2|...|ValueN) search format.

2018-11-19 12_18_45-Profitability(Sviluppo) - Il mio nuovo foglio _ Fogli - Qlik Sense.png

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Re: QlikSense search box search characters limit

I could sense like
1. Create whole text in Notepad and paste that into Search bar - Feature not available
2. Else you can manipulate using Third party software
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Re: QlikSense search box search characters limit

Thanks for your answer.

Your solution n°1 is not applicable because qlik cuts every text longer than 256 characters.

Can you give me an example about solution n°2 ?