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Contributor III
Contributor III

QlikSense section access- User \ ADMIN


I am new at qliksense and i am trying to do section access for my users

(Data Reduction) and getting  "no access" error .

I did the follow steps in order to setup my users and section access.

1.creating a stream and an app .

2. importing my user by UDC active directory .( i will explain why i didnt assigned admin role for the user  later on )

3. allocating my user .

4. creating a security rule for only reading for app and stream .( in the preview  all the users got R ( reading ))

So far so good

the user was able to access the app the stream and changes made didn't  affect the report .

Then i configured the Data reduction

The problem occurs when writing the word "USER" on Section Access in the code if i change it to ADMIN it's working

however i dont want the user to be an ADMIN ,

I didnt assigned ADMIN role for the user  so why  USER doesnt work  ?

is user role on "users"  is mandatory ?

what is the difference in section access between USER and Admin ?

(i only need the user to be able to accsess  read the app with reduced data )  .

This is my section access

section access;






Thanks in advance

Tomer Biran

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When you say "Star is *; will give a user access to all regions if available in SA script which will be an admin"

What exactly do you mean here?


If i use * for my reduction field but the Access is set to USER, the user is then not able to access the app (Access is Denied)

If the user Access is Admin, then its ok.


I have included Star is *; in the Section Application section however it still does not work.

Contributor II
Contributor II

I was unable to achieve my goal even with all these helps.

I did exactly what was mentioned here.

Can anyone else help?

Contributor II
Contributor II

I think what @MK9885 was trying to say with the below statement was: 

When you say "Star is *; will give user access to all regions if available in SA script which will be an admin"


section access;



USER, NIMROD\moran, 4




In the above SA, the User Administrator will have access to the entire data model its an 'ADMIN'.

However, User moran will have access to REGION_NO 4 only as its just a 'USER'.


Hope this helps! Do correct me if you think I am wrong.