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QlikSense showing multiple rows for a single column in straight table


I have encountered a very strange problem here. The straight table with only column is showing duplicate rows which for a dimension which shouldnt be the case:



I have tried with conversions to num() and other ways too but it still shows duplicate entries. The data model is perfectly aligned on a single key but I am, unable to understand this. How can I resolve this issue?


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Unfortunately, there's not enough information here to be able to tell. You might want to include a sample app.

Things you could check:

1) Trim the field

2) Make sure the underlying numeric value is identical (with dual types, the text can be identical while the numeric portion could be different)

3) Select one of the values at a time and see which other fields gray out, which might allow you to figure out something in the data model that's causing this behavior

4) If the value is a key, check that the key is actually identical on all sides of the join (both the numeric and text values, or just convert it to a number or text on both sides to ensure it's identical)