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Contributor II
Contributor II

QlikView or Qlik Sense?

Qlik Sense or QlikView?  Why isn't it called QlikSense?  Why does it have a space between each word whereas QlikView doesn't?  When should I use View and when should I use Sense? Will Qlik ever merge both products and call it ViewSense?  These are some of the questions that wont be answered here today.

Anyway, I was thinking about my attitude to QlikView and it's younger more glamorous  sibling, Qlik Sense.  My preference (ie First Love) is QlikView although I can see the benefits of Qlik Sense.  But what's the difference?  Why use one and not the other?  Why can QlikVIew do something and Qlik Sense can't?  Which is best?

How could my experience in watching a lot of 80's TV help me decide which was best?  Time for a highly scientific experiment.  Not too high though.  Less Philadelphia  more Falkirk.

Here was my shaky rule: If I picked a TV series / character for QV I must choose a similar one that fits QS.

E.g QlikView = Dr Theopolis;  Qlik Sense = Twiki

I tried not to be detrimental to QS and not weigh too heavily towards QV.    I was  confident my scientific approach would curtail my prejudices 

To be fair, it was a lot clearer in my head, but I couldn't let it stay there .  Now with my rule decided, I created a dataset and fired it into a Word Cloud.

(In the interest of impartiality the word cloud was created using Power BI under adult supervision and a swear box)

Strap on your shoes and check your adrenaline levels!  Here's the results....


As I was entering shows/characters I began to think about the different/common attributes they had and included those on the dataset. That's where Flexible and Freestyle came in.

Ok, it's a tiny bit contrived.  Maybe a big  bit contrived.  But  there was a serious point that came to the fore (despite my prejudices).

For me, the difference is: QlikView has some rules but allows a huge amount of flexibility on how those rules are applied whereas Qlik Sense is a bit more "freestyle" - you create your own rules to build your visualisations using a variety of tools/plug-ins. 

One way of thinking about it is, QlikView is for "user reporting" whereas Qlik sense is for "user investigating".  QlikView is prescriptive and your building (potentially complex) "pre-canned" objects for users, Qlik Sense is "creative" - the user is dragging objects as a self-service and carrying out their own exploration of data.

So, there's no reason to compare both products.  Like the TV shows, it's providing different things for different audiences! 

Stop comparing and start "synergising"

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Ha ha,

were you bored at the time you wrote this