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Contributor II
Contributor II

QlikView vs. Qlik Sense - How to pick one?

I’m at the beginning of my journey into the world of Qlik development, and have worked up a workable prototype in QlikView. However, now I'm reading about Qlik Sense I'm a bit confused about which product to go with. I've looked over the licensing differences, but my question is about applicability.

It seems that Qlik Sense is the next-gen version and requires less developer work up front to get going, although Qlik emphasize that QlikView is still a viable product. Is one a new version of the other or are they adapted for different situations?

How do I choose? In my situation I am aggregating information from three different systems to create a Project Order Book; a read-only portfolio of projects that shows the health of each individual project, the spend on each project, and project progress (Scrum Burndown info).

Many thanks for any and all help and suggestions.

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Contributor II
Contributor II


You hit the nail on the head :  "Different situations"

There's no "hard and fast" rules for choosing as there's no real right/wrong answer - both products will handle what you want to do.  It really depends on your "audience".

Do you expect users to be able to navigate their way around the data, creating charts etc gaining their own insights in a more self-service manner (Qlik Sense) or do you expect them to view it as a report where they make basic selections/filters and it's all a bit more "guided" (QlikView)?

The one thing I would say is Qlik Sense is nicely geared towards mobile devices and is probably the better choice if you want to focus on visualisations.

Just an opinion! 



(There's also this handy thread:  What is difference between Qlik Sense & QV Desktop client?