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Qliksense App and Sheets Prompting for user name and password from internet

We have hosted a web site ("Insight Portal") that is accessible from within the company's network and from Internet. Users of Insight Portal are authenticated using their AD Credentials, basically insight portal does SSO with Azure AD.

Inside the Portal we have links to Qliksense Apps and when they click on the link we redirect them to QlikSheets. We open a new browser window with Qliksense Sheet.

Since the users are already authenticated from Insight Portal, we are using ticket based authentication where we generate a new ticket and append the ticket to Qliksheet URL

For Ex : https://qliksensedev.xxx.com/sense/app/bb586a28-06b5-4ebc-af8a-280347ce1249/sheet/2758935b-1f84-4d51...

Within the company's network, the below URL's works fine.




However when we try to access the above URL's from internet, only the https://qliksensedev.xxx.com/hub?qlikTicket=527TfwlOElvxK9ky URL works. The other two URL's (Qliksense App and Qliksense Sheet) prompts for user name and password.

Can someone give insight into why the Qliksense App and Sheets URL prompts for credentials (Username and password) whereas the URL https://qliksensedev.xxx.com/hub?qlikTicket=527TfwlOElvxK9ky works fine.

Also our qliksense web server is hosted in AWS. Traffic from internet flows to Application Load Balancer and then to Qliksense web server on port 443. 






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Re: Qliksense App and Sheets Prompting for user name and password from internet

What version of Qlik Sense are you on? If it's June 2019 - you may be encountering the Insight Bot flag bug. This can be fixed by setting the flag to "false" within capabilities.json (found here by default: C:\Program Files\Qlik\Sense\CapabilityService\capabilities.json)

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Set to "false" and restart all Qlik Sense services.
Support article ref:https://support.qlik.com/articles/000078411