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Qliksense Back up and restore

Hi All,

I am running a multi node environment with a server exclusively configured for Qliksense repositry.(Postgresql)

We are using a SAN storage for file share. What steps are necessary for backup and restore  for automatic and scheduled process?

right now I am just creating a dump file from postgressql ? Is it necessary to stop services on other nodes considering I have a dedicated server for repository?

Also hypothetically speaking ,what happens if we take back up while qlik services are running?

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Qliksense Back up and restore

If the idea is to create a backup to be able to do a restore then it should be fine. If you need a perfect point in time restore then you might lose some data with a pg_dump backup on a live database. You'd need to work with the WAL files in that case I think.

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