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Qliksense Black theme not appearing in mobile

Hi All,

I have built a Qliksense app and applied black custom theme. When viewing in mobile, the custom theme doesn't appear.

It only shows the basic Qlik theme. Sheet background colour does not change to black. Does this mean custom themes do not apply to mobile?

Appreciate any help!



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Contributor III
Contributor III

Was there ever a solution to this? Anyone have information on Themes in Mobile



Currently, there is no formal custom dark theme background support in Mobile.  Changing sheet background color to black does not work, as this is controlled by a native Android/iOS component instead of CSS.  You could use the device's dark mode and still use Qlik Sense Mobile SaaS, however we don't support it.  It is possible to apply other theme colors using the JSON properties, but results may vary compared to Cloud SaaS.  Any customization documentation would be on the site for SaaS, as Mobile SaaS falls under the SaaS umbrella of support.

Please note that there are appearance enhancements planned in the December Mobile SaaS release, so it is possible that support for custom themes will improve.