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Qliksense Collabarate Feature?

Do you know if Qliksense has any Collobaration feature to share the app with Non license users,if so please share info on this.

Thank You!!

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Re: Qliksense Collabarate Feature?


You can share the QVF wih anyone, read more:

Can I share apps created in Qlik Sense Desktop?

Yes. There are no limitations in sharing applications between different installations/instances of Qlik Sense Desktop.

Note: QVF files need to be located in a specific folder - C:\Users\USERNAME\Documents\Qlik\Sense\Apps

The folder cannot be a shared drive folder or a shared folder. Once a qvf is open, it is modified so other instances of the Desktop cannot open it or copy it.

source: Qlik Sense Desktop Support FAQ