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Qliksense Enterprise


What all access as a developer do I need to have on the server?(We are going to use QVD files)

Right now they have given us a link through which we are accessing it. But I am wondering how are we going to create or use qvd files without having access to folders on server.

Please help me understand the access I need to proceed with the development in Qliksense Enterprise.

Our Project is just going to start. Please provide your valuable suggestions.

Thanks in Advance

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Master II
Master II

Hi Manuputhia,

A content Admin role should be suffice for development purposes. If you need even the admin rights, go with  the root admin.



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Hi Sangram,

Thanks for your prompt reply.

I just have a doubt here. Actually I don't see the "Folder" option when I am trying to create a connection.

For storing the qvd's in a folder or using them from a folder requires a connection to be created(Please correct me if I am wrong).

So now when I have to create qvd's, What am I supposed to do?



Master II
Master II

HI Manuputhia,

Looks like you are missing some privileges. Contact the system admin and ask for data connection privileges.