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Qliksense License Key

Hi ,

I am using Qlik sense and successfully installed in one of the windows server, now i am planning to install the same Qlik license key in another new windows servers.

Idea behind this: if any situations occurs our one server went downtime, I can able to work on another server should up and running. without any interruption of my work.

Can i use the same License key to the the same? will it be possible or else will i face any issues?

Please help/suggest your idea.



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Re: Qliksense License Key

Hi Rajendra, afaik this "single LEF Active - Pasive" strategy is allowed (be sure that only 1 server is active at all times).

There are a couple things to consider:

1- Unless you are always backing up Server A (Active) to Server B (Pasive) you better set up your Repository Database and Shared Storage in a third place (Server C?) so both Server A and B point to the same configurations, apps, etc.

2- Another strategy could be create an Active - Active structure using multinodes. Server A is the Central Node and Server B is a secondary with all services running and the capability to perform as a temporary Central Node if needed. The recommendations of Server C applies here too.



Re: Qliksense License Key


Best is to discuss with your local Qlik partner.

We sometimes use this technique :

* for cold/hot failovers. As long as there is only one active at a time you should be ok. It requires some technical skills to set it up.

* for connected servers : Connect them via the QMC and let Alik handle the failover should be ok and is within the license agreement.

Kind Regards,


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