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Qliksense Map, point layer, change the color according to expression


I create a map want to show 2 stores  in the map. For each store i want to use color showing, if the prediction sales is lower than the real sales number then we show the point in red; and if the prediction sales is higher than real sales then we show green

in the data set we have 'Store Name'', prediction sales', 'real sales', and 'Date' column.  for each columns, i have 31 points

I choose the 'Store Name' as the point layer

How can I realize this?

I was using point layer, color, by measure  and use the expression: '' ('prediction sales'- 'real sales')/('real sales')

but seems 1. I can not specify which the color i want . (green not blue on one side)

2. seems when i did not select any store seems the point color is 'somewhat right' (if I use red as negative and blue as positive)

but if I choose any single store. the color of the point changed to grey blue..

How can I fix that? which means. if i have 2 stores, I have the positive one as green, and negative one as red. and when I choose each single one. the color should not change

Thank you!!