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Qliksense Read only access to connection folder for QVDs and common files

Hello Qlik Friends!

This is a continuation of the thread here as I am unable post my comment further.

So apologies in advance for the duplication.

So the question here is there a way to set read only access to a folder connection via QMC secruity roles?

The common folder will have access to Source QVDs and common files for users with read only access.



- Eager to learn n grow,

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Hi Alip,

Please go to QMC => Data Connections and User access and configure it according to your requirement.


Unfortunately rohitkumar1609, by granting Read access to the folder connection just stops users from updating the folder connection definition.  A user can still use this connection file to read or write to a QVD in the underlying folder.

The problem appears to be that the Qlik service account has read/write privs on the underlying directory.  Ideally, we need to be able to have a second service account that only has read access to the underlying directory, and have the connection execute under that service account.  We are not sure how this might be achieved.