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Qliksense - Security rule My Work


i am playing around with Qlik Sense platform and i have a question regarding the "My Work" section.

I have noticed for example that if User A has created and app which is not yet published, all other Users will see this APP in their My Work section and with rights to modify it.

I think it would be more logical that only the User A have rights to see this App until it is not published in the appropiate stream and consequently be visible for that users who access to this stream.

Is there a specific security rule with which I can restrict it?


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Re: Qliksense - Security rule My Work

Hi Patric,

I tested that before and I actually observed it does not work like that. I mean when it is on "My Work", nobody can see it.

I wonder how you achieved this. Can you list the steps?




Re: Qliksense - Security rule My Work

Please select an option from the below list:

1 - Log a case with support, as this is not the intended behavior of the product, nor have I found a method to achieve this.

2 - Provide your security rules audit to reflect there is no discrepancy in your rules.

3 - Close this Post as answered, closest, or another status reflecting you do not require follow-up to this item.



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Re: Qliksense - Security rule My Work

I've set up a rule that allowed for this by mistake when I was trying to set up a rule to allow our developers to create apps.

1. Scan your rules where the Resource Filter is = App_* or App* and the Action = Read.

2. Uncheck Read and see if you can still see others Apps in your "My Work".

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Re: Qliksense - Security rule My Work

And as a practice, I never edit the default rules. I disable them and make my own.

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Re: Qliksense - Security rule My Work

Hi Pamaxeed,

You can even make use of custom properties to design your rules and as stvegerton, its better to create your own rules rather than modifying the existing one.



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Re: Qliksense - Security rule My Work

Patrick, you may have edited the default rules by accident or you may have an overlap between the rules.

When you have two rules, one saying to deny access another allowing access, Qlik Sense will allow access.

The fact that "My Work" is visible to other users, it's clear that some Security Rule is misconfigured. I suggest you go to the Security Rules section in QMC and filter the rules where the Column Type is "Custom" and start checking the rules you created. You may want to consider changing the Context of the rules to QMC instead of Both. It all varies on the goal you want to achieve.