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Qliksense UI Level questions

Hi Qlikies,

If any one know about these UI Level answers, please reply.....

1. In Pivot view / Table View, is it possible to show a popup message about the metrics or some help text?

2. Is it possible to show URLs(for each row) into a Pivot table, when click on that URL, takes some current selection parameters to that URL?

3. In KPI object/chart/ asset panel object, I can link to other sheets, Is it possible for any other objects except KPI object ?

4. I want to insert a Logo in all of the sheets. Is there a way to put that logo on top of the screen where our Sheet Name displays?

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Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

1. No. But there are subtitle and footnote sections to add description of your chart properties at an overall level.

2. Maybe possible depends on what parameters to want to pass.  generic query strings  will probably need to use a variable extension to store your current selections in an appropriate format for query strings.

3. No not at present

4. No sheet name is currently text only although you can upload an image for your sheet in the properties or an image in a text box you could position in the top left hand corner of your sheet underneath the name.

Hope this helps


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Thank you Andy for your reply. It helped me alot. Any way, I need little clarification on my 2nd question, like passing parameters. Could you please post any sample qvf file on this. I heard that we can't create a variable in UI Level.So i am wondering, how can we pass parameters to URL.

Thanks in advance.

Partner - Master II
Partner - Master II

You can set variables using an extension.  download qsdvariable  from Qlik branch to get going.

Heres a sample I created to demonstrate a cyclical group view.




For navigation (Q3) you can use the sheet navigation extension, click on the link ===> Qlik Branch

Master II
Master II

Hi Jhansi,

You should have got all the information you need by the above replys, but just adding in an other point here.

You can achieve almost everything as you have the leverage to develop extensions to fit your UI requirements.