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Qliksense backend postgres metadata data model diagram


I am looking to pull some metrics out of my organization's qliksense installation to figure out how in general QS gets used in terms of who, how and what is being used for? As a part of the same, looking to pull in some metrics in regard to what apps do exist, what sheets and other objects do roll into each of them and each of them's owner and size information.

So there are some tables, mainly Apps which contains the information regarding different apps in the QS. Then there are some tables like AppObjects, AppDataSegments, FileReferences etc in which I see that owner & size columns are there , but not sure in what hierarchy or structure do these tables connect with the Apps table. Like which table's size info should roll up to a row in Apps table.

In addition to this, need the same information regarding the datasources in QS, mainly owner and size information.

Can anyone point me to a diagram that shows how these tables are connected ?



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