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Creator II
Creator II

Qliksense desktop calculation timeout even with ObjectTimeLimit=-1

I have created a dashboard to provide Top 50 customers information, and with the option to expand by deal no.

I get calculation timeout whenever I try expand by Deal no. ("ALN" in my case).  I have already set in Setting.ini as ObjectTimeLimit=-1  or ObjectTimeLimit=0. But I still get the error.

I have read through questions relating to this problem and understand Aggr function will have impact on performance.

I suspect it is because of an aggr formula in my dimension below:-

=if(aggr(rank(fabs(sum(Var_HKD000))),[Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith])<51 and AGGR(COUNT(DISTINCT [OnOffBS]), [Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith])=2,[Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith])

The above [Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith] is customer ID.  What I was trying to do is to only provide in the pivot table Top 50 customer by absolute variance, and the customer id appears in both on balance sheet and off balance sheet acct code.

In my Pivot table below, I also have 2 complicated AggrCapture.PNG


Below relates to field [ChkVar(>10B/10%)].I try to have alert when a customer has abs variance>10bn or 10% of GRCA:-

=aggr((if((fabs(sum(t1_amt_HKD000)-sum(t0_amt_HKD000)))>=100000 or
,'>10B/10%',''),[Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith],GRCA,CRRcheck,StageChk)


Below Calculated Dimension relates to [Total Check] , I try to have count no. of 3 alerts if CRRcheck is not blank, if StageChk is not blank and absolute Var >10bn 

=aggr(if((CRRcheck)='',0,1),[Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith],GRCA,CRRcheck,StageChk)

+aggr(if((StageChk)='',0,1),[Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith],GRCA,CRRcheck,StageChk)+

aggr(if((fabs(sum(Var_HKD000))>100000 or fabs(Sum(aggr(sum(Var_HKD000),GRCA)))>=0.1),1,0),[Ip Lcl Ref Cde Ith],GRCA,CRRcheck,StageChk)


Would appreciate some guidance on how to fix my problem.  Many thanks.

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