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Specialist III
Specialist III

Qliksense feature release not working

All ,

I have recently uninstalled Qliksense(server) 2.0.8 version which  was working fine but after installing Qliksense feature release 2.2.4 , the installation is fine and all services are running fine but when I click either the hub or qmc it is taking me to a browser asking for the authentication and when I am giving the windows user credentials for the current user nothing is happening, I mean the authentication dialogue is keeps coming.

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Partner - Specialist III
Partner - Specialist III

Thats weired.

So assuming you have Windows Authentication.

Do you have only one machine? or cluster of of machines (RIM nodes)?

either way i am guessing there might be something wrong with your proxy or certificates. try one of these and let me know.

1. RDP to sense server and go to HUB --> it will show unsigned cert message,etc.. bypass that and enter the credentials.

2. if above works, then it might be something to with certificates. to solve this restarting services should resolve, if not do below.

-- stop all Qlik services.

-- delete the certificates

          -- Run --> MMC

          -- CTRL+M (or File --> Add/Remove Snap-in)  --> Double click Certificates --> My User Account

                                                                               -> Double click Certificates --> Computer Account  --> Click OK

          -- Certificates --> Current User --> Personal --> Certificates --> Delete QlikClient Certificate

          Usually this is the only place you will have this QlikClient Certificate, but check in below places as well

               Certificates --> Current User -->Trusted Root Certificates

               Certificates --> Local Computer -->Personal

               Certificates --> Local Computer -->Trusted Root Certificates

--- Restart all services. this should recreate the "QlikClient" certificate automatically.

3. Also check if you are using your company Certificate then see if that is not expired. it recides in above locations.

try these and let me know.


Specialist III
Specialist III

Thanks phani for your detailed mail, I will check and will let you know.

One point here is , after installation of the Qlik sense server , I am not able to login to Qliksense hub or Qliksense QMC.

Earlier it was working fine with 2.0.8 version but after uninstalling it and installing the Feature release 2.2.4 , all this happened.

I will try once again.