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Qliksense for Mac

How can i install Qliksense on Mac? Please advise.

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Re: Qliksense for Mac

Install a Windows emulator. Install Qlik Sense into that emulator.


Have a Windows Server, install Qlik Sense (server edition) on that and use a HTML5 compatible browser on your Ma to develop in that (as that works 99% the same as the local client install).

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Re: Qliksense for Mac

Hi Bhanu,

As of now QlikSense is available only for Windows. But as Onno has mentioned, you have a workaround the way he mentioned.


Re: Qliksense for Mac

In addition to going the server route, you can always use https://www.qlikcloud.com/. It will not fully emulate the functionality of Desktop but is free compared to buying Parallels + Windows 7 license or a Qlik Sense Server license + infrastructure costs of spinning up a server to run it.

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