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Qliksense for Qlikview Developer

I have good experience in Qlikview and we are planning to migrate to Qliksense. I am looking for a training course or tutorial to get upto speed with Qliksense,

From what I read, I know QVW and Qliksense share same data modelling techniques and the difference is in creating visualisations? The scripting is also the same between the two?

Can you please suggest a training course or online tutorial to learn Qlik sense?


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Re: Qliksense for Qlikview Developer

Google Qlik sense books , read all ,

Re: Qliksense for Qlikview Developer

Here you'll find links to videos New to Qlik Sense Videos

If you already proficient with QlikView some bits you may find basic, but you can skip over the boring bits.

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Re: Qliksense for Qlikview Developer



a) It's Self - services analysis, where end users can create their own report based on their query /business

2) we have store telling feature (we can use this feature for meeting presentation )

both applications are using same Qlik engine

3) it's support lots extension objects (D3 charts, 3rd part API, R etc, google map) u can find more extension in

Qlik Branch

4) this tool very good for map visualization (Geo analytics)

lots of new charts available in qlik sense (box plot, Distribution Plot, and Histogram etc)


a) it's Guided analytics, which means one time developers will design dashboard based on user requirement /request and the end users just use that app to analyze the data/download report their own business decisions.

also check this,

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