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Qliksense user deleted in AD

As part of our security testing, we deleted a test user from AD but after trying syncing for multiple times i still see the user as 'No' for 'Inactive' and 'Removed externally' ..., i was hoping to see the user is inactive and user token de-allocated.  What am I missing ?

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Re: Qliksense user deleted in AD

Removed externally will prevent them from future access.

Their past access is still valid and available in the logs and they would still be the owner of anything they created. As far as I know they wont be automatically deleted in Qlik.

Tokens de-allocate on a time schedule, otherwise you could continually delete users (and re-add them) to gain more tokens.  If it is a clean up effort, Support may be able to reset them.

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Re: Qliksense user deleted in AD

Thanks for your reply, what do you mean 'Tokens de-allocate on a time schedule' ?

I wish it deallocates token when it doesn't find the user in AD ... or some indicator user is not available in AD anymore to manually deallocate, its difficult to co-ordinate with IT to verify user list to clean up tokens everytime.

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Re: Qliksense user deleted in AD

A named user token is quarantined for 7 days.  So it will not be available to another user until after that time period

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