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Contributor II
Contributor II

Qliksense value(expression) in qlik n printing designer

Hi all,

I have an straight table in Qliksense. Using it's dimensions and expressions creating Pivot table in Qlik N Printing designer.

While taking expression column as a value in Qlik N Printing designer it shows '1' for each dimension value.

Qliksense expression is not working as a value in qlik n printing designer.

Can anyone help me on this how  to used qliksense expression in qlik n printing designer. 

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There is a forum specifically for NPrinting that you should use when posting NPrinting questions so that you get more NPrinting knowledgeable people seeing your posts :

When you post your question (there or here for general Qlik Sense topics) please help those that are trying to help you by providing screen shots, sample data etc. 

I believe the problem you are experiencing is that the default in EXCEL for a pivot table is that Values use COUNT. You need to manually click on the Values and change to SUM if you want the expression total like below: