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Creator II
Creator II

Qlikview Migration to Qliksense


I am working in a organisation that are migrating all the Qlikview dashboard to Qliksense. They have just done with Qliksense Cloud . What is the best approach of migration of Dashboard. For example, One can rework in Qliksense just by following the script in Qlikview. Another option may be useing the QVD of Qlikview as a source to Qliksense app development.  I am also aware of exporting Qlikview scripts in a notepad and calling that scripts in Qliksense. I need some details brainstorming so that the best approach and practice could be followed. The data in Qlikview mostly comes from ODBC connection to SQL Server.



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Hi @niha,


Please check this Qlik Support YouTube playlist here.
This playlist is focused on QlikView to Qlik Sense migration.
I hope it will help you on your journey.

It is valid to remember that we also have a community space for customers on the same journey you are (Qlikview to Qlik Sense), check this out here.

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