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Qlikview - append data to Excel

Hi all,

I have qvw file with sql query


  LOAD  source, color, date;

  select source, color, date

  as Mytable;

  STORE Data into  [..\QV_Data\Data.qvd] (qvd);

Then I export data to excel and save.

I need something to do that automatically instead of me

I need to run query every day and automatically send data to excel but keep old data in excel and append new value.

Can qlikview to do that?

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Re: Qlikview - append data to Excel

Hi Ja Ja,

This can be achieved by creating an on open trigger.

If you do not have a QMC then create a  .bat file to reload the qvw. A macro can be created to export the data in to excel.


Jyothish KC

Best Regards,
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Re: Qlikview - append data to Excel

Ok thanks,

can you give me some example please???