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Contributor III
Contributor III

Qlikview connect ot TM1 data files ?

Is it possible to connect with Qlikview directly into the TM1 cubes / data ? Currently we work via excells or csv's coming from excell export of the TM1 cubes ,but I wonder wether a direct read on TM1 through Qlikveiw is possible ?  

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Partner - Creator
Partner - Creator

Hi HWallays,

Yes this is possible and the performance is excellent.

I suspect you have this issue solved now, however, I have been working on a similar problem lately and wanted to share my experience, just in case anyone has the same question in the future.

Using the QlikView (or Qlik Sense) REST connector you can connect to the TM1 Rest API and extract the data you want eg dimension, cube view, MDX statement.


Here is an example against the sample sdata database to bring back the details of the view1 view in cube pnlcube. 

In this example I have the following options with the rest connector:

URL is: https://localhost:8010/api/v1/ ('pnlcube')/Views('view1')/tm1.Execute?$expand=Axes($expand=Hierarchies($select=Name),Tuples($expand=Members($select=Name))),Cells 

- POST method

- basic authentication i.e. admin / apple

- added header for Content-Type with value application/json, charset=utf-8

- turned of auto check response

- turned off validate SSL


Planning Analytics (TM1) Prerequisites

- Ensure the httpportnumber field has been set in the tm1s.cfg file (8010 for above example).

- Make sure TM1 Rest API was part of base installation.

- See for the official IBM doco on the TM1 Rest API.


Hope this helps someone in the future...