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Qty Count

Hi there,

I have 4 sheets in a Test Excel file (file attached). All are having same column called 'Qty'. If I use sum() function it counts qty from all 4 sheets.

My confusions are:

1- How to sum up Qty column total separately for each individual excel sheet?

2- This expression works for current date sum but again it sums up all 4 excel sheets: sum({1 <Date={"$(=today())"}>} total Qty).

3- How to count total Qty excluding today's Qty again for separate excel sheet?

Please assist since I am new to Qlik Sense scripting.


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Re: Qty Count

May be try this to do individual sheet sums:

Receiving Sheet

Sum({<Receiving = {"=Len(Trim(Receiving)) > 0"}>}Qty)

Order Sheet

Sum({<Order = {"=Len(Trim(Order)) > 0"}>}Qty)

PO Sheet

Sum({<PO = {"=Len(Trim(PO)) > 0"}>}Qty)

Stock Sheet

Sum({<Stock = {"=Len(Trim(Stock)) > 0"}>}Qty)

UPDATE: Sample attached


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Re: Qty Count

creating some flag for when u are loading and use that flag as filter condition in ur expression

let say  

create flag for each load sttament

'a' as flag

'b' as flag

'c' as flag

'd' as flag


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Re: Qty Count

Thanks a lot, you guys are awesome!
It works fine now


Re: Qty Count

Great, if you got what you wanted, I would request you to close the thread by marking correct and any other helpful answers. (Qlik Community Tip: Marking Replies as Correct or Helpful)