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Question about qlik sense licensing

I have 50 users , 10 of them will create / make changes and other 40 just need to "view" the

content. Usage of dashboards will be very frequent by users , so using a login pass is not really an option.

Do i need to purchase 1 token for each user or is there a alternative ?

In sense cloud basic or plus we can share our apps with other users and they can "view" them without having any license.

Is there such option for sense server ?


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Re: Question about qlik sense licensing

Most likely based on you usage you have to get atleast 50 tokens.

Token is a token, and doesn't have any restrictions weather user can only view or Edit. You have to control this using Security rules (Who can edit and who can not)

When you buy tokens you can install Qlik Sense server, there is no additional cost associated to get the server like we have in Qlikview. When you buy 50 tokens you will receive License Number and Control number. Those you have enter when you install qlik sense server.

In sense server you will create streams where you can assign users to it. so any app that you publish to that stream can be accessibly by the people who has access to that stream.

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Re: Question about qlik sense licensing

incase you are not  willing to allocate login access to user then only one option is there u have to give  user acces token

One user Access Token can be shared to 5 user and  they can see the same application  at the same or they can see the different application and different stream. only one problem is there if all the 5 user is accessing the same application

then selection will be reflected if some one clicking it will affect all the 4  remaining user