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Question: how to create API certificats first time WITHOUT the qmc GUI?

Hi community,

in my company, we are creating a complex setup involving a qlik sense Server and want to automate everything. I already figured out how to do the needful using the QRS API but there is one step that I cannot automate yet:

In order to use the QRS QPI, I need to create and export certifcats (and later use them when making API calls). While I can see how to do this by logging into the QMC console, I cannot see how to create the certificats the very first time after setting up the qlik server (all done automatically, using .NET and powershell scripting).

There is a call to export API certificats in the QRS API - but you need working certificats to do that (who comes first, the henn or the egg?).

I've read about a 4444 Port where internal Qlik Nodes exchange cert information but did not find anything more on this.

Anybody with an idea or better, anybody who has done this ?`


Christian H.

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