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Questions about Hypercube and Field lists

Hi ,guys

I log in the workbench and create a new mashup .It generate code in the js file after I choose add Hypercube and Field lists.but it doesnot show anything in the layout file and in the web file.So I don't know what's the function of Hypercube and Field lists.Does it need sublime text2 must?

Thank you for advance!

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Re: Questions about Hypercube and Field lists


Hypercube and field list help you set up a hypercube or field list definition in your mashup, but it is up to you to do something with the data you get. It will create an empty callback function for you, but you have to write the contents of the function yourself. The callback function will be called every time the underlying data changes, if the user for example makes a selection etc.


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Erik Wetterberg
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Re: Questions about Hypercube and Field lists

Hi Li dan,

Hypercubes and Field lists are the one's which hold the data during the run time.

Hypercube is used basically when you need an aggregated result. The output from a hypercube is the result after the calculation engine executes your expression(s) for the respective dimensions ( Hypercube can be created with out a dimension specified aswell ). For example every visualization has its own hypercube and makes use of the date with in.

Whereas when it comes to field lists, we get the list of unique entries for a particular field, which can be used for filtering purposes in a mashup.

You can edit these from the Development Hub. You do not need any other editing tools.


Sangram Reddy.