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Quite confused on how to have number fields to show as numbers or currency

So I have these tables at Excel.

There are fields which are set as currency and others as numbers.

When I load the tables on Qlik, for some reason, they are considered TEXT. 

Even so, I don´t see why Qlik could not promptly recognize an Excel field as currency, if it's set such on Excel.

But ok, it's imported as text. Fine. Let's change it inside Qlik itself.

Well, actually when seeing the Tables for making connections, the fields with numbers are right aligned while text fields are left aligned. So it seems Qlik was able to detect they are number fields.

Still at the Data editor, I can edit the table and can change the field type only between "General, Date, Date/Time Stamp and GeoLocation.

While the numbers are right aligned, some have 2 decimal digits (because they are currency), other's don´t.

So I load the data.

How can I show numbers in the visualizations as currency? And in some tables, I am telling to show totals, but I see no totals for number fields. I wonder if it's related to number not properly being recognized as numbers, but as generic data??

I hope I do not need to type scripts in the DataLoad Editor for something that should be set with a simple right mouse button click.

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Re: Quite confused on how to have number fields to show as numbers or currency

Do I need to edit the automatic (but it's locked!) generated script to add "as currency", to a specific load field? I still don´t understand why I have to write this in script, instead of right clicking and telling it should be currency




EDIT: ah, ok. I can only change the format of a field to currency, etc, IF I use it as a MEASURE. A dimension can only be text.