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REST Connector with PUT, DELETE etc.


I want to know if I can use PUT, DELETE, GET, HEAD in the Qlik Sense REST connector? I can choose between the following protocols in Qlik Sense:

Methods in Qlik Sense REST ConnectorMethods in Qlik Sense REST Connector

The Qlik Sense API for example provides many REST Endpoints we can communicate with. For example:

"DELETE  /qrs/user/{id}",

"PUT     /qrs/app/{id}/publish?stream={streamid}&name={name}",

How can I call such an request (using the mentioned protocols) in Qlik Sense?


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Sadly no.

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Hi, you need to use "With connection" script function. In other words you only need to configure 2 connections (GET and POST connections) in QlikSense. Once you have POST connection configured you can then use following syntax for PUT (note how I have HTTPHEADER "X-HTTP-Method-Override" "PUT" added to parameters. This will allow to override method used with this call. Same applies to DELETE method 

                        JSON (wrap off) "data" PK "__KEY_data"
WITH CONNECTION( URL "here put your LIB connection", BODY "here put your body",
HTTPHEADER "X-HTTP-Method-Override" "PUT", 
HTTPHEADER "Content-Type" "application/json"
I am using this approach in my NPrinting.qvs library to GET,POST,PUT and DELETE records using QlikView or QlikSense load script with rest connector. Full library is here: https://nprintingadventures.com/
hope this helps
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Hello, currently only GET and POST verb methods are supported in the REST connector. There is one approach where you can add an additional header attribute called X-HTTP-METHOD-OVERRIDE with the value you are trying to use such as PUT, DELETE, HEAD to override the verb method selected in the REST connector, but X-HTTP-METHOD-OVERRIDE is only currently supported in NPrinting and not Qlik Sense. You can find more information here https://support.qlik.com/articles/000092526.

In either case, there are feature requests currently open for both issues above, so I recommend contacting support and referencing that article so they can use your case to add more weight to those requests.