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REST connection in Sense Cloud


I have few questions about the REST connection in Sense cloud.

1) When I am trying to follow the examples in the documentation, such as connecting to google maps API, I am receiving an error:

"An error occurred
Access is denied"

The endpoint I am using does not require any credentials. I can access it from web browser without an issue.

This is the URL:


I moved the query parameters from the URL to the fields in the REST connection setup.

EDIT*** Seems I copied the wrong URL. However, this URL was from the tutorial, which I also tried. Same error.

I also had issues selecting the data connection in the Sense Cloud. The REST connector was not visible by default in the "Add data" menu, but I was able to search it. At first I couldn't click the REST connection option, but after few tries I somehow managed to do it. But after that, the error occurred.

2) Is it possible to set up a REST API IN the Qlik Sense cloud? I need to be able to set up a REST API to which I can post data. Short description of the case:

I have system A which sends data to system C. In between, there's a system B which modifies and translates the data being sent. I want to collect this data by sending the data from system B to Qlik whenever something is triggered in B.
The way this needs to be done is via REST. I need to build a REST where system B can send the data.

So am I able to set up a REST in Qlik Cloud?
Do I need to set up a separate server with REST where I can post the data from system B? Of course, this REST can also be used to GET data from Qlik...

Best regards, Aki Riisiö

Qlik rookie

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Re: REST connection in Sense Cloud

I have the same issue

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