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REST connection to Elasticsearch via POST


i'm trying to connect to an Elasticsearch database and read out all documents of an index.

My Qlik Sense version is: June 2017 (soon to be updated).

In Postman the request for this would look like this:


POST /[uri]/_search HTTP/1.1

Host: [host]:9200

Cache-Control: no-cache

Postman-Token: 59ab29c6-755f-4800-b241-55734aed67ad


    "query": {

        "match_all": {}




I tried a GET request a this one worked fine.

This POST request works fine too if i leave out the request body so i guess the error is somewhere in that area.

The funny thing is, that i get no error when i press 'Test connection', the error comes when i want to save the connection.

You can find the error message in the attachment.

For me this look pretty much like a bug in the REST connector.

I tried to leave out the spaces in the request body without success.

Has anybody some advice for me concerning that error message?

Thanks a lot in advance.