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Randomly select a prize winner from a table

I have a survey been collected and the users are in a field in a table. This list is to be used to generate randomly a winner on the reload of data after the survey window is closed. 

So the survey runs from 19 Jan 2019 to 30 Jan 2019. The Qlik Load script will run to collect the data via API at 31 Jan 2019 @ 01:00.

On this reload once only reload a winner is selected from 163 and increasing.  In Qlik Sense the list of names is created with this expression. 

= if (GetResponses_question = 'Please give us your first and last name to be entered into our prize draw.',GetResponses_answer) 

I was thinking of loading this as a variable in the load script so that it is saved in this reload. Any ideas to get this done? 


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