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Contributor III
Contributor III

Range Slider filter in QlikSense

Hi Everybody!


I need to achieve a very simple range slider filter in QlikSense. 

So far I've understood that i need an extension but I've tried many of those and no one is working.

What i need is very simple, i have a table showing products  with prices, and i want the user to be able to select a price range on a slider that will filter the table.

Anyone of you has a stable method to do so?



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Contributor III
Contributor III


same here,i haven't used any avg function in my price selection filter but still below sum(sales) show values out of the range.that too in a specific range which is shown in screenshot no 4.


isn't there any other way to just give simple range filters where user has option of   > and < operator or can have  between clause, in simple words just a ranged filter. 

This functionality is so much easier in tableau and power hence in qlik sense i haven't came across one fully functional solution.  


my solution :

made 2 Variable :

vMax =max(sales)



then use above variables in sales measure like this : 

= if((sum(Sales) >= $(vMin) AND sum(Sales) <= $(vMax)),sum(TotalCalls))

which gives me following output in screenshot no 5  filtering the data but leaving blank in sales column where condition not met:


please help


I had a look at the application on my computer and this is what I found regarding your first question. 

The selection object on the top is making selections in the price field values. In your example you are only selecting transactions containing prices between 330.08 to 478.73. In  my data model I have more than one transaction per customer and the sum of price could become larger than 1000. See attached screenshot below.


Reading your last comment it sounds like you want to make selection on customer based of sum of price . To do that you will need to adjust the distribution graph putting customer as dimension and sum(Price) as measure. See attached qvf.



Contributor II
Contributor II

great man thanks