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Rank() Help

Hi Experts

Can any one please help me to apply the below oracle rank() in Qlik backend script;

In Qlik we are working with QVD it contains the same fields mentioned in the below query.

   rank() over(

          partition by nvl(hm.datasecurityid, ds.datasecurityid), nvl(hm.riskfactorid, rf.riskfactorid)

          order by hm.validfrom desc, hm.reportsource desc

        )     as rankfiled

Here hm.datasecurityid, ds.datasecurityid,hm.riskfactorid, rf.riskfactorid,hm.validfrom,hm.reportsource  are the fields.

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Rank() Help


would you be able to add more details ?

like the data structure, the actual output with this oracle query

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