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Rank charts by Top N expression

Hello there. I'm using Qlik Sense Desktop with a .csv as my data file.

I'm working on a folder where every chart is based on the Top 100 Events by Region ID.

My CSV looks like this (has many more columns)

Driver_NameRegion_IDVehicle_TypeCompanySafe Speed ThresholdOffense_ID
Mark3034TruckBeer-AAA> 80%1
Mark3034TruckBeer-AAA> 90%1
Paul70013/4Soda-BBB> 80%2
John7020TruckBeer-ABA> 80%3
Chris36703/4Soda-BBB> 80%4
Chris36703/4Soda-BBB> 90%4
Chris36703/4Soda-BBB> 95%4

In the chart were I listen the number of events (count of offense_id)  by region ID is easy to do that, but I can't apply this filter to other charts because region ID is not a metric or attribute of these. How can I do that?

I've tried to use Aggr(If(Rank(Count(Offense_ID), 1, 0) <= 100, Region_ID), Region_ID), but nothing happens. The charts I want to add this filters are: map (where the point size uses the Count(id)), bar graphics (number of events per Company, per Vehicle Type and per Safe Speed Threshold) and tables (number of events by Driver, for example).

Is it possible to achieve this?

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