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Really Awesome Infographic Qlik Sense Demo


I'm looking for a Sense demo that looks and feels like a really good inofgraphic, but still has the associative engine behind it.

It needs big icons and logos, and bold colours.  The actual amount of information conveyed is actually secondary.  I'm not at all concerned if it uses lots of extensions to do this, or whether it leverages the APIs - it just has to look the part.

This is to convince a potential new client of the benefits of Qlik Sense - we can get them doing visualisations properly after we've won them over.

Any suggestions please put links below.

Many thanks,


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Re: Really Awesome Infographic Qlik Sense Demo

Have you had a look at this Infographics extension on QlikBranch


One thing I did a few years ago when pitching Sense to the Board was knock up a viz that auto cycled through pictures of the Board members with some very complimentary text saying how each of them were amazing superheroes.  They spent a lot more time watching the compliments to them auto play,  than looking at the business data examples I'd spent ages working on.

They did open their wallets though and splash the cash.

Re: Really Awesome Infographic Qlik Sense Demo

Not Infographics per se, but this Play Button Qlik Sense Extension on Qlik Branch can add a bit of auto bling.  It auto plays & selects dimension values that are then applied to all viz's the same as when one manually selects a dimension values.


I have forked it in GitHub to add the functionality for an option to continuously loop 'n cycle through dimension values.

     GitHub - BillMarkham/Qlik-Sense-Extension-Play-Button: This extension will automatically select the ...

Could be useful in a demo if you wish to talk the talk, whilst Qlik auto loops the loop.

MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Really Awesome Infographic Qlik Sense Demo

Thanks Bill, for both suggestions.