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Redirection of Qlik sense Hub link...

Hi All,


We are using default hub link  of Qlik sense to access the deployed application on server.

Can we customize  the link and redirect to hub link.


Thanks in advance.

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Re: Redirection of Qlik sense Hub link...

This would be something to discuss with your local network folks to see if they know of a scalable way to handle this. The hacky way to handle this would be with host file entries (hosts (file) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia) on the machines where you want to go to http://project/hub. I wouldn't go this approach since it's not clear to the end user where they are going since there's magic going on behind the scenes. It is likely to use an internal IP for the host file entry and that means that they will not be able to access it externally.

The more ideal solution would be to use a cname alias for the domain so that project.domain.com gets routed to the server.