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Reduce Model Size - OLEDB connection


I have a model that is connected through an OLEDB connection to SQL.

I have loaded 1 table, which contains 11million rows. The model is extremely slow and takes a while to refresh objects after every click.

I have already trimmed the table in SQL, is there any other way to speed up the model?

Would it be more efficient to load it as a flat file as opposed to plugging it into SQL?

thank you for your assistance!

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Re: Reduce Model Size - OLEDB connection

Hi Rovika.

I have models with almost 200million and still fast.

Select * from if you don't use all fields is slower than

select field1, field2,...... from

Also datetime you can use floor() to remove timestamp......

Use autonumber to pk will reduce memory.

Have more things that you can do.  Could you send a sample model?



Re: Reduce Model Size - OLEDB connection

Do you need to reload all records?

Have a look at the options for incremental load.

Try Googling "QlikView Incremental Load" and you will get plenty of hits.

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