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Refreshing Application from Hub

Hi All,

Is there is any way, by which we can Reload other QlikSense applications Published / UnPublished from one application without creating a task for same.

something like, one app or one point, from where we can reload all applications.

Please assist.



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Re: Refreshing Application from Hub

I'm afraid this is not possible with Qlik Sense while It was with QlikView (reloading through qv.exe).

Maybe there is some other way to achieve it though... mto‌, are u please aware of such a possibility?

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Re: Refreshing Application from Hub

you can take a look at How do I call QlikSense APIs with curl (QMC Task load) but i never used it before.

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Re: Refreshing Application from Hub

I would check to see if there is an extension that can provide a button to do a reload in a specific app.  I don't think you can create a master app that will reload multiple apps unless you can do something with an API. 


Re: Refreshing Application from Hub

Hi Mrudul - you could use an extension RELOAD button on the app - but this will just reload the app:

Here is an example - that uses that button:

Qlik Sense in 60 - Art of the possible - YouTube

http://branch.qlik.com/#!/project/56728f52d1e497241ae69836 - Reload Button


Qlik Sense - Introduction to Extensions (video)

Let us know how you do and please mark the appropriate responses are CORRECT if the solution helps you solve the problem mention.


Mike T