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Refreshing Data in App

How Do I refresh Data in an app in Qlik Cloud up to reflect new sales figures sinc ethe last load.  I have followed some Qlik Sense Videos but have not been able to identify the correct one with a step by step



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Re: Refreshing Data in App

I believe that you have to have the Business level of cloud to be about to do a reload in the cloud.

Otherwise, what I do is delete the app that is published.  Reload on my desktop and then upload and publish again.  It is a pain.  But you don't have to pay for the business version at least.

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Re: Refreshing Data in App

Hi Mark

Thank you for the feedback, it least I dont have to keep on searching for videos around this.  I will convince the business to pay for the business version because the dashboard I have created should pick new data after every 30 minutes.  I saw the capabilities of Qlik to actually schedule the data refresh.


Re: Refreshing Data in App

Hi, from my experience, once you have the paid version, you are able to auto schedule a refresh, but only once per day.

I'd be happy to be proven wrong, but I can't see an alternative.

Anyone? Thanks.