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Contributor II
Contributor II

Relational tables


I am new to Qlik Sense - would appreciate any help or resources on this:

I have seven relational tables (tbl1, tabl2, etc), all linked on a specific files (fieldX). There are one-to-many (or one-to-none) relationships between the tables. How do I write a COUNT expression that counts the number of records in a given table on "filedX" (to create a measure that can then be used in visualizations)?


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you can create your measures on the back-end (script) or on the front-end (charts).

if you need to count the number of records:

on the back-end, you will need to use Count(Field) with a Group by statement.

on the front-end, you will need to use Count(Field) on a chart with the dimension you want.

it would be interesting if you can attach some data here and the expected output via screen shots.

Contributor II
Contributor II

Hi Youseef -

First - I accidentally created two posts for this, so there's another parallel discussion going on this.

Second - this is literally my first couple of hours of using Qlik Sense - so not even sure how to access or edit the back-end scripts. Are you talking about scripting in the "Data load editor" section?

Can you share any resources on editing scripts in Sense?