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Reload Task retry on Failure in QMC


I have scheduled a reload task at 5 am in the morning daily. At times I see that the task is skipped, I assume that may be due to connection issues or network issue. Do we have anything, that if the task fails or skips, the task is retried after a specific time gap say after 30 mins. 

I have kept the max retries as 3 and Task session timeout as default- 1440 mins, but this is not helping. 



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Creator III
Creator III

You don't have the option to set a delay between retries. The session timeout is only to kill a long running task. If your task is being skipped that sounds like contention in the scheduler process. How many tasks are allowed by your scheduler processe(s) to be run simultaneously vs. how many are executing at 5 AM? If running at 5:30 is tolerable, why not just move it to 5:30 if it is consistently being skipped? When was the last time you cycled services / rebooted the servers?

Thanks Andoryuu for the reply.

I only have one task scheduled to trigger at that particular time. There are other tasks which are event based trigger and depends on the successful completion of this task. It is not always that the task is skipped, only at times it happens. Unable to get the root cause for the same, therefore wanted to know if there is retry option based on time gap if at all the skipping of the task happens due to connection lost or something.