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Reload a variable by change of selection when using variable input

Hi experts,


I got a challenge, where I hope someone comes up with a smart proposal how to solve it.

I have a analogue values of measurements, where the product is sorted out, if the value is below a certain limit (lower Limit) or above a certain limit (upper limit). The limits are stored for each measurement in a table.

Now I have created a worksheet, where I can simulate the effects, when I would change the limit values (reduce the lower limit by 0.1 mm will reduce my waste by ... pieces). For this I use the variable Input of the QlikSense Dashboard bundle and it is working very nice for the 1st measurement value (change the Limit in the Input box and see so many more / less defect pieces).

The only problem is, that the value in the variable Input is not replaced by the new lower limit, if I select a different measurement.

The variable I use is


Who knows what do I have to do to reload a variable, if it is used in the Input box, AFTER I entered a value into the Input box??

It would be great, if somebody can point me in the right direction.

Thank's a lot and best regards,