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Remove Null Row

Hello qlikers,

My Table looks like:

Fruit          Comment
Apple        delicious
Banana     yellow
Grapes       -

- -> is Null, but i dont want the row with the grapes in my table.

So I'm creating a new table with a where clause.  But I cant find something similar like SQL statement Where Comment is Null. How can I "delete/remove" the row with the null? 

Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Remove Null Row

Try this 


=if(not isnull(Comment),Fruit) -- (Check box suppress the null value)



MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Re: Remove Null Row

Try it with:

load ... from ... where len(trim(Comment));

- Marcus


Re: Remove Null Row

Dim 1 :- =if(Comment<>'-',AddFruit)

Dim 2  : Comment 

Suppress null value 

if you dont want to suppress null value then 

Dime 1:- =if(Comment<>'-',AddFruit)

Dim 2 :- =if(Comment<>'-',Comment)