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Remove dimension from bar chart

Hi Qlik Community,

I'm creating a bar graph summing sales over different business areas

In the spreadsheet, if the business areas are "A", "B", "C" and "Not filtered" how can I set up the bar chart so that it ignores Not Filtered values and doesn't display it as a category on the x-axis? (Without having to set up a filter panel each time, preferably something with the dimension function)



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Re: Remove dimension from bar chart

Try a calculated dimension like

=If( BusinessArea <> 'Not filtered', BusinessArea)

Alternatively, use set analysis in all your expressions:

=Sum({<BusinessArea -= {'Not filtered'}>} Value)

edit: You may need to adapt the options that control showing NULL values for the dimension in chart properties

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Re: Remove dimension from bar chart

Hello Christopher,

you can use a calculated Dimension:

IF(Business_Area<>'Not filtered', Business_Area)

but i think it would be better do do it in script. There you can build a new field of Business Area without the "Not Filtered" Values.

Re: Remove dimension from bar chart

You can also do like this:

=Sum({<BusinessArea = {'A', 'B', 'C'}>} Value)


=Sum({<BusinessArea *= {'A', 'B', 'C'}>} Value)

First expression will always show all three Business Area regardless of selection in BusinessArea field. Whereas second option will filter out those which are not selected while always excluding Not Filtered.

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Re: Remove dimension from bar chart

chk dis


Excluding values in Set Analysis