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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Remove duplicate and retain the latest items

Good day to all i'm having a challenge in my project i hope you can help me,

I got a 2 qvd file.. please refer to the picture below.

upload 1.JPG

they have a different upload date and price but having the same  item code and ID

i want to remove the duplicate and retain the latest upload and if the deleted field is 1 then in the final output must be remove.

the steps i did is i combine the 2  QVD file which it looks like this.


and the final output must be like this


thank you in advance to all...

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Better if you can share sample? You need to show on file base names but when i see concatenate.qvd. There is 2018-1 which is Max but where 2018-2 is 300 but your output seems 180? Can we know the reason behind

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Partner - Contributor III
Partner - Contributor III

Hi mate I already include sample files:

the reason behind why in the expected output the price of ITEMCODE is 180 since it its the latest datecreated...

this is the mechanism in our database it change on a daily basis, so i need to change the data base into the latest DateCreated, i need to retain the old values in case there are items in the old extracted file is not duplicated when i concatenate the latest extracted.